Sunday, July 21, 2013

Manassa Pioneer Days

This weekend was the famous Manassa Pioneer Days! It is always so much fun, to see old friends and relatives.  A great parade that never disappoints, then standing in line for the legendary Manassa hamburgers.  Let me tell you, best hamburgers ever!  Who knows it might just be the taste of nostalgia that is so good, but either way, YUM!  Then rodeo, derby, fireworks, and late nights laughing with people you only get to see a handful of times.  Wrap that up into 2 full days and you have yourself the "Celebration!"  Paislyn and Railey loved every minute of it.  Paislyn was so excited to get candy at the parade, and this year we went to Sanford's parade on Thursday, so she had 3 days of collecting candy.  Railey is a little young still to appreciate the party, but she loved getting suckers at the parade and chilling out in her stroller while every one else had to walk :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just thought I would give an update on the girls!  Paislyn is 2 1/2 now and she is so much fun.  She loves to play outside, and she is loving the fact that the weather is getting better.  She loves to go to the park, and loves going on bike rides.  She is full of life and energy, some days its hard to keep up with her.  She loves to color and loves stickers, she loves doing crafts, and loves to help mom whenever I get around to doing crafts.  She loves going to the library and reading books.  She is such a smart girl and she picks up on things so easy.  She is a pro at puzzles.  She has a few puzzles she likes to do and she is so good at them.  She is such a good big sister, she is always giving Railey loves and helping her any way she can.  
Railey has grown so much.  It's hard to believe that about a year ago we were bringing her home form the hospital.  A little update on how she is doing. After everything happened when she was born, she still had to come home on oxyen and was on that for about 3 months.  Since then she has done amazing.  No other problems and we could not be more happy about that.  She is walking now which we can't believe.  You would never be able to guess she came early.  She has never missed a milestone  or made us worry about her development.  I guess that is just her personality.  She came to this Earth ready to take on the world, and isn't going to stop for anything.  She has 5 teeth now and she loves to eat.  I feel like I am always feeding this girl.  She loves playing with her big sister, and since she started walking she laughs more and more.  She is all smiles, everywhere we go she is getting complimented on her beautiful smile and her beautiful eyes and red hair.  Her hair has stayed red, and it is getting to be such  a pretty color.  I'm excited to see if it lasts.  She is loving the fact that she can get around easy.  And I'm having a hard time keeping her out of things.  This age is so much fun, everyday we see more and more of her personality coming out.  
Devin is doing great, he is really enjoying his work.  We are so thankful for him and the hard work he does.  He still really enjoys buying and selling stuff.  And he has found some pretty good finds lately.  He found an end table for 2 dollars.  Which I am really excited about sanding down and repainting.  He found us a 4-wheeler for cheap and we have so much fun riding it.  We are excited for summer so that we can ride it more and more. 
As for me things are great.  I love that I get to be home everyday with my 2 girls.  And I babysit a girl Paislyn's age about 3 times a week.  So that has been fun and Paislyn loves having someone her own age to play with.  I also have been cleaning the shop where Devin works once a week.  It is really nice to have something to do, and make a little cash doing it.  Devin and the girls got me a new bike and bike trailer for mother's day.  I know it was early but I was so excited about it.  I love taking the girls on rides and they love it as well.  We have been wanting to get a trailer for awhile now.  Just one more thing we can do as a family.  I love it.  
Well that is what has been going on with us.  Sorry it has been so long since we posted.  

These are not in any kind of order

 Easter egg hunt
 Easter mornin
 Love these two
 Snowmobiling on New Year's eve
 Matching skirts the girl got for Christmas.  Couldn not get a good picture, they are to wiggly

 Railey starting to crawl.  She could only crawl backwards so she would end up in the entertainment center
Crashed out after a hard day of playing.  She was side ways on her bed sleeping on a stuffed dog.  It was really cute

We went to the zoo!

It was the first time we have taken Paislyn and Railey to the zoo.  It was so much fun, they loved every second of it!!! Except the giraffes.  She was scared because they were so close to her.  She was not a fan of that.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DO YOU? I DO!......ME TOO!!!!

Four years ago from today, I got a text from Devin telling me, someone was wanting to meet with me to buy my laptop.  So my little sister Jordan and I headed up to the church house by the water tower in Rexburg to meet the buyer.  I was kind of scared to meet a stranger, just because all the horrible stories you hear about people being targeted through craigslist or other similar websites.  Well when we pulled up to the church, the guy waiting looked really familiar.  I got out of the car ready to make my "pro selling boyfriend" proud.  (side note, Devin is a pro at selling anything!  So I was hoping he would be here to make this sell, but he was in class.  So I had to try really hard to make this guy think he could not live without it)  I gave the guy the laptop and let him look at it, and he seemed really interested.  But then he started walking away from me.  All that was going through my head was, "dude! Please don't jack my laptop."  But then he starts telling me about his car, and how great his little car is and wondering if we could do a trade.  I was really confused, and all I kept thinking was I pulled up in a car, I for sure don't need your car.  So he keeps telling me about it and walks me around to the back of his car.  And then his trunk starts to open and I freak out, I was so scared all I could do was stare.  I really thought this guy was going to stuff me in his trunk.  I know I was being dramatic but it was scary! Then I see a man lying in the trunk.  So my odds of being able to fight one guy off is out the window, and I jump back scared to death   And then I see that it is Devin!  I was surprised to see my boyfriend in the trunk of this guys car and really confused.   He gets out of the trunk and gets down on one knee!  I couldn't believe it, I was so surprised! He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes!  I couldn't stop hugging him and crying.  He finally had to just take my hand and put the ring on.  Which again I was surprised by, because I made him pick out the ring on his own.  I didn't even know he had gone ring shopping yet.  It was beautiful, he did an amazing job, and I'm so glad I refused to go ring shopping with him.  I wanted it to be a gift from him that he was able to pick out and choose on his own! I was not expecting a proposal at all that day.  I went from thinking I was going to be killed, to being surprised and overly happy, to crying, to laughing, and then after all so overjoyed that this is the man I get to spend eternity with!  I could not have asked for more!  It was the perfect proposal!  It was so Devin, everything about it screamed him!  That is exactly what I have always wanted for my proposal story, something that came from his heart and something he had taken the time to plan. The ring, let me tell you was incredible.  Every morning when I put it on, it reminds me of the time and care Devin took to go pick out the perfect ring for me!  April 24th will always be one of my favorite days!  Along with August 9th the day we got married, December 7th the day we found out we were Pregnant for the first time, August 20th the day our first little girl was born, October 15th the day we found out we were pregnant for the second time, along with Devin's birthday, and May 26th the day our second little girl was born.  Looking forward to many more memorable dates!!!!  Thanks Devin for making me your wife!!!  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

So Devin was convinced that she looked so much like Paislyn, but I didn't see it.  And now without the oxygen on her beautiful little nose, I think she is all her own.  So THOMAS!  Maybe not, maybe you all can tell me better! She is so darn cute!!! LOVE HER!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lots of pictures this post! YAY!  Railey is finally home and we are so excited to have her!  She is still on oxygen but hopefully will be off in the next couple days.  It was so great having my family around during this all.  My mom was such a great help, it was nice coming home from the hospital and having a clean house, and clean daughter and dinner.  It was nice to have her come with me to the hospital when Devin wasn't available.  Then at the end of the week having my Dad and Travis around was great, it kept my mind off the negative and made me focus on my blessings and the positive of the situation.  Saturday before we got Railey home, we spent the day with Paislyn.  She was such a great trooper through everything, and I felt I needed to spend the day with her.  So Devin and Travis took her and Collin swimming.  It was such a nice day and she loved every minute of it.

 She sleeps so much!  It is great having her home, I couldn't be happier!  What a wonderful blessing this little girl has been!
 Monday before my parents took off, we decided to go to the driving range and then to Ihop.  Babo helping Paislyn and Collin golf!  

 Bucket heads

 Peek a Boo!
 Haha this picture makes me so happy!  They are such great friends, Paislyn loves her cousin Collin
 Such a great big sis!
 Love Railey's face!
 Holding hands

 Paislyn loves giving baby sister kisses!
 I'm so blessed to have these two little girls in my life!

 Railey giving us a little smile!
As you can see, Paislyn and Railey are loving each other. Paislyn more then Railey.  The first thing Paislyn says in the morning or right after her nap, is BABY!  She loves hugging her and giving kisses!